Irish Rugby Supporters Club

Irish Rugby supporters are known the world over for their passion, their sense of fun and the ability to get tickets to any game!

IMPORTANT: We have just relaunched IRFU Supporters Club with a new member-facing website for sign ups and purchases – please read the information below before you sign up or login.

Payment Authentication Error

We have been informed that the issue with 3D Authentication that affected some members has now been resolved. You should now be able to complete your membership and payment.

New Members

 If you are brand new to the Irish Rugby Supporters Club please continue through the sign up process to set up a log-in, complete your profile and then purchase a subscription.

Existing Members

If you purchased a membership within the last year and have not logged on here yet please use your email and the FORGOT PASSWORD function to trigger the authentication process.

Lapsed Members

If your membership lapsed more than 12 months ago we cannot retain your data for GDPR reasons and you should purchase a new subscription using your email.


The updated system no longer supports the username sign-in method to log-in. Your log-in to the system is now solely the email address you would have registered with when setting up your account.


Irish Rugby Supporters Club

From the Aviva Stadium or Energia Park a roar rings out that echoes in London, Cardiff, Auckland, Cape Town, Tokyo and all points in between.

This club exists to give you as members a chance to express that support, to share experiences and to get closer to the team.

The club launched in 2005 and since then we have helped thousands of members to watch the team, run Q&A nights with the players and had some great ticket and kit competitions.

In 2021/22 we hope to bring back a number of those membership highlights as well as providing you with more opportunities to see our international teams in action at Aviva Stadium or Energia Park.

Enjoy the season.